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Call DTC @ (425) 917-8300 to order one for your telephone system
and we'll include a couple professionally recorded generic Messages On Holds for FREE!
Additional and custom promotional messages may be ordered upon request. Please call DTC for pricing on custom greetings.
Try the DL11 for 20 days. If you are not completely satisfied return it for a refund!
  • The DL-11 Digital MP3 Repeater is an easy to use, reliable audio source, for all Promotion-On-Hold applications.
  • The DL-11 will automatically play, any one or more, MP3 audio file(s) that are stored on the standard USB Flash Drive. Once the last MP3 file has finished playing, the DL-11 will immediately repeat the play sequence, over and over again.  If you should loose power, the DL-11 will automatically restart, from the beginning when power is re-stored.
  • The DL-11 plays the audio directly from the USB Flash drive, so there is no initial LOAD sequence on power up.  Once it is plugged in, it automatically starts playing. The unit has an audio power amplifier with about 200mW of power so it can handle a wide range of audio inputs, from key systems to pre-amp inputs.
  • The DL-11 has a "button" controlled, adjustable volume control. The preset volume is maintained even through power outrages. Please note that audio is taken from the LEFT channel on stereo MP3 files. The DL-11 also comes with an internal TEST speaker so that you can always test to see if your DL-11 is playing properly.
Maximum Length of Audio
The DL-11 can store up to one hour of audio on the supplied USB Flash Drive. Stereo MP3 files use about 1MB of storage for each minute of audio. With the DL-11 audio storage time is never a problem.  To increase your audio storage time, you simply buy a new larger inexpensive USB Flash Drive.  They are widely available, even at Wal-Mart.
The following shows the approximate play times with the different sizes of USB Flash Drives:
Drive Size Play Time
32MB 30 Minutes
64MB 1 Hour ***** (Supplied with DL-11)
128MB 2.13 Hours
256MB 4.26 Hours
512MB 8.52 Hours
1 GB 17 Hours
Based on an MP3 file at 44,100 Hertz Sample rate, at 128KBPS.
Works with both USB1.1 and USB2.0 Flash Drives
Updating Audio Programs
There are two different ways which can be used to update the audio program on your DL-11.  The easiest method is to use the "Promotion-On-Hold Update" software that is available at no charge on our web site.  In this case when your DEALER emails you a new audio program, a screen will automatically pop up on your computer and instruct you to insert the USB Flash Drive from the DL-11 into your computer.  The software automatically deletes your old program and will copy the new program on to the Flash Drive. When finished, in approximately 6 seconds, it will prompt you to remove the USB Flash drive and will instruct you to insert it back into your DL-11.  It's that simple!  You don't have to know anything about computers.  You don't even have to check your emails! This software ONLY runs on Windows based computer systems (XP/Vista/NT).  The second method is to manually delete the old file(s) and copy the new MP3 file(s) on to the USB Flash Drive at your computer.  This is for the more experienced computer people. In this case, to prevent damage to the USB Flash Drive REMEMBER that you MUST click on the "GREEN ARROW" Safe To Remove Hardware ICON on the bottom right corner of your TASK BAR on your Desktop, BEFORE removing the USB Flash Drive from the USB Port.  Sorry…This is a Windows thing! .  This is not required on the DL-11 AUTO LOAD software because our software is SMART! It automatically does this for you!
To Remove USB Flash Drive
Press both the UP and DOWN Volume buttons, at the same time, for one second, then release.  You can now safely remove the USB Flash Drive. Pressing the buttons stops the DL-11 from playing.  If you fail to remove the Flash Drive within 3 minutes, after stopping it, the DL-11 will automatically start to play again.
To Insert USB Flash Drive
Simply insert the USB Flash Drive into the USB Port and the DL-11 will start playing within 10 seconds.  If you did not remove the Flash Drive correctly, you might have to remove the USB Flash Drive for 2 seconds, then re-insert it again to start it.  As long as you remove it properly, it will always start the first time when you re-insert it!
Using the Speaker
To test for proper operation, press and hold down the TEST button.  You will hear the audio that is being played.  The volume level is low, so you will have to put your ear next to the speaker to hear it.  The speaker is for monitoring purposes ONLY and is not an indication of audio quality.
MP3 Audio Files
The DL-11 has no record capabilities at all.  You must create new audio programs on a computer, then convert them to an MP3 format before you copy them on to the DL-11 USB Flash Drive.  MP3 is a compression technique that reduces the amount of memory needed to store an audio program.  MP3 basically reduces the size of a standard file to 1/10 of the original, uncompressed size.  This allows the files to be emailed as attachments if needed.  We recommend that all audio files be generated in a WAV format first, then converted to MP3 at a 44,100 Hertz sampling rate, at 128KBPS.  The files can always be identified by the ".mp3" extension in the name.  To create a MP3 file you must have a computer software package that has the ability to convert to MP3.