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A custom message on hold program is an essential part of any businesses advertising and marketing program.  The most important reason to have a music or messages on hold program is to assure your telephone guests that they are still connected.  Research studies have found that the average caller will hang up within 20 to 30 seconds if on silent hold but will hold for up to two minutes with music on hold and up to four minutes with message on hold.  Why not take this opportunity to tell your telephone guest about your company, its products and services? Research also shows that 18% of callers who hear messages on hold purchase additional items or services, that's 1 in 5.
Message On-Hold Research conducted by AT&T
• 75% of all business calls are placed on hold.
• Average time spent on hold is 45-65 seconds.
• Message on-hold reduced caller hang-ups by up to 80%.
• Message on-hold projected a positive image of the business.
• 89% prefer message on-hold vs. radio stations or being left in silence.
• 18% made purchases based on message on-hold offers.
According to studies, playing messages on hold instead of playing music or leaving the caller in silence had the following results:
* Hang-ups were reduced by 50 to 80 percent
* Callers were willing to wait up to 130 percent longer with message on hold
* Average message recall after 72 hours was over 75 percent
* Almost 90 percent of callers learned about a product or service they didn't know about

Music and Messages On Hold Research by AT&T, North American Telecommunications Association, US West