Automated Answering Services

Diversified TeleCom Corp was the first company in Seattle to provide voice processing services back in the early 90s.  In that time we have designed and implemented tens of thousands of voice mail applications.  Many of the customers we have today are our medical customers that, for the past 3 decades, have been using our automated answering services to save money over using a live answering service.

Each of our services are custom designed around your needs.  Our system can answer your calls, Ask callers questions so that they may be routed to the appropriate department or individual, take messages, and notify you via cell phone, home phone or pager.  We can also notify other people in your group in the even you don't answer the notification. 

  • Try our service for 2 month FREE

  • 50% off activation, setup, programming and recording

  • A Guaranteed 50% off the monthly cost of your current live answering service's monthly fee

  • No Contract to try us free

  • The only change is simply forwarding your afterhours calls to our service for two months to try us.  If you like our service and all of the savings you will receive then continue using us.

  • Otherwise forward your afterhours calls back to your existing live answering service and we walk away thanking you for the opportunity to service you.

  • DTC will custom design your answering service at 50% off programming and recording fees and unlike the telephone company’s voice mail we will completely customize your answering service around your business.  It is not a one size fits all with DTC


  • Your monthly bill will drop exactly 50% guaranteed


  • Your calls will always be answered courteously on the first ring. Every time

  • Less human error offers greater reliability

  • Greater flexibility and control over your calls 24/7

  • Non-urgent afterhours or lunch time calls are sent to the office message center while only screened urgent calls are sent to the physician on-call.

  • The on-call physician can remotely have their emergency calls redirected to another doctor inside your office or to a covering physician outside of your office.

  • Physicians may redirect their calls from any telephone or cell phone, 24 hours a day, from anywhere in the world

  • DTC has been providing voice processing services for almost 30 years

  • And most importantly your service is back by our 24 hour on-call customer support in the event you need afterhours support.

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