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This is the last part of this tutorial  

This part of the tutorial will show you how to change the way you want your incoming calls handled

The standard ONECALL Virtual Personal Assistant service has 5 basic settings. 2 voice messaging settings and 3 call forwarding settings.



For the purpose of this training we will use the following scenario. This setup is standard for most our ONECALL VPA customers.

Setting #1: Voice Mail only mode

Setting #2: Voice Mail with the option to press 0 to transfer to your cellular phone.
Setting #3: Fixed Forwarding to your office telephone number

Setting #4: Variable Forwarding to your cellular telephone using memory #: 7000

Setting #5: Variable Forwarding to your home telephone using memory #: 7001

Please note: If you make a mistake or get lost, press the # sign to back up to a menu that is familiar to you. It is also helpful to refer to the ONECALL user flowchart.


FIXED FORWARDING is internally pre-programmed to go to your office telephone number. There is no need to enter any numbers beyond 14 to activate.


VARIABLE FORWARDING means that you will need to enter the DTC pre-programmed Forwarding Memory assigned to you for that telephone number after you have entered 13 for Variable Forwarding.


In this training we are using memory number 7000 for your cellular phone and memory number 7001 for your home phone.


From your Main Menu the dialing sequence to change the way your calls are being handled is 9,3


    Press 9 for the Options Menu
    Press 3 for the Call Handling Menu


Then in the CALL Handling Menu you can proceed by pressing one of the following:


    Enter 11 to Activate your Voice Mail only greeting

    Enter 12 to Activate your Voice Mail with 0 transfer to your cell phone greeting

    Enter 13 + [7000] to Activate Variable Forwarding to your Cellular phone


    Enter 13 + [7001] to Activate Variable Forwarding to your Home phone

    Enter 14 to Activate Fixed Forwarding to your Office.  (Preprogrammed.  No need to enter anything more)
    Entering 8 will tell you which setting is currently active.


Note: Activating a Call Handling setting will automatically override the previous Call Handling setting.



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