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DTC Virtual Office Services

Diversified TeleCom Corp has been providing Voice Processing services for over 25 years and has been an equipment and service provider for almost 3 decades.  While we have provided the Virtual Office and Virtual Receptionist services for the past 25 years we find it is now, more than ever, applicable and is a perfect solution for many businesses.  The Virtual Office service is made up of the Virtual Receptionist and Virtual Personal Assistant services and is an inexpensive yet powerful communications tool for small and medium sized businesses.


In most business the two biggest costs are payroll and office overhead.  Just think if you could keep all of your employees and just eliminate the huge monthly cost of office rent, office utilities, office internet service, and most of the telephone lines that go into your office.  If you could eliminate these office expenses would it save you $2,000.00 per month?  Would it save you $5,000.00 per month?  Maybe for your company this means saving over $10,000.00 per month!  And maybe this means one or two of your employee’s get to keep their jobs.  If this sounds good to you we have the solution!

The Virtual office Service is made up of two parts.  The Virtual Receptionist and the Virtual Personal Assistant Services

  1. Use the Virtual Receptionist to answer and distribute your calls to your employee’s cellular phones or home office phones without the need to rent office space

  2. Use the Virtual Personal Assistant for employee personal answering and routing of their calls

The following is an excerpt from an MSNBC Article 10/10/2007


Click here for the full article

“Today, upwards of 12 million employees telework more than 8 hours per week, up from about 6 million in 2000, according to Gartner Dataquest. The number will hit nearly 14 million by 2009. Caroline Jones, an analyst for Gartner who expects the number to continue to grow, says the rate of increase has been steady for a number of years even though telecommuting hasn’t been getting a lot of publicity in recent years.”

Cut Office Overhead not Jobs!


With the economic times the way they are, telecommuting is becoming more of a necessity rather than a convenience for some businesses.  Many businesses are looking to cut costs.  Some by reducing employee payroll while others are cutting costs by reducing office overhead.


If you are interested in reducing the monthly costs associated with maintaining an office you may be wondering how you can cut those costs without disrupting your business.  Your office telephone number may be published in the phone book, in the yellow pages, or on advertising material and to have it disconnected or changed may give your customers the impression that you are out of business or going out of business.  However with Diversified TeleCom Corp you can keep your office number and have the calls answered and distributed to your individual cell phones or home phones by DTC’s voice processing and call routing service.  These are the same systems that have been processing calls for the medical and real estate industries for over 25 years.


The Virtual Office service is comprised of the Virtual Receptionist  service and the  Virtual Personal Assistant  service. If you wish to have our Virtual Receptionist answer your calls all you have to do is forward your main office telephone number to our system or if your business is located in Seattle you may be able to move your telephone number to our system.  If you have an 800, 888, 877, or 866 telephone number you can have your 800 service provider point your 800 number to our system.  The rest of the office telephone numbers can be disconnected and the money saved can be put back into your pocket.

Use the Virtual Receptionist as a backup to your busy multi tasking receptionist or office staff


Even if you are just thinking about downsizing your office, you might consider using the Virtual Receptionist service to answer and distribute your calls when your office staff cannot answer the incoming call within 5 or 6 rings.  We can custom program the service to transfer the caller to the outside sales or service rep’s cellular phones and if the call is for office personnel we can direct the caller to their direct line or to a back line.

Use the Virtual Receptionist as an Emergency Backup


Use the Virtual Receptionist as an Emergency Backup for those times when you have to close your office but you still want to be in contact with your customers.  You can also use this service as an emergency backup for when everyone is out of the office or when you have to close the office due to heavy snow fall.  Many of our customers were thrilled this past winter when they could simply rerecord their Virtual Receptionist greeting letting people know their office was closed due to the snow conditions and that they were all accessible by simply entering in their extension.  Some employees had their calls routed to their cell phones while others had their calls routed to their home offices.  If you are thinking about or currently using a live answering service we can do the same thing at a fraction of the cost!  It would be worth it for you to call us and explore your options.

Visual of the Virtual Office Service

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