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Virtual Receptionist Call Routing Service

The Virtual Receptionist Service is an auto attendant voice menu that will route your callers to the appropriate department or person of their choice.

If you are downsizing or eliminating your office and all the expenses that go along with maintaining an office but you wish to keep your existing office telephone number all you have to do is forward your main telephone number to your custom programmed Virtual Receptionist and we will do the rest.  The Virtual Receptionist will answer and transfer your calls to each of your employee's cell phones or home office phones.  If your business is located in Seattle you can have Diversified TeleCom Corp. move your office number to our system.  We will of course release the number back to you, if and when, you decide to stop telecommuting and establish an office location again.


If you wish we can have the Virtual Receptionist transfer directly to each of your cellular phones or home phones.  If you want to integrate your home, your cell, and your voice mail numbers into one number and have greater flexibility over the handling of your calls you can add the Virtual Personal Assistant voice messaging and call routing service to the Virtual Receptionist.  Combined, the Virtual Office is a powerful telecommunications business tool.

A sample Virtual Receptionist design


“Thank you for calling Seattle Mortgage Services. Our office hours are 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday. Please choose from the following options.

For the Loan department, press 1,              >open loan officer’s submenu

For John Smith, press 2                                 >transfer to cell or Virtual Personal Assistant service

For Cheri Hamlin, press3                               >transfer to cell or VPA service

For Customer service, press 4                     >transfer to cell or VPA service

For the Accounting department, press 5,  >transfer to cell or VPA service

For any other inquiries, press 6                    >transfer to cell of VPA service

Our fax number is (555) 654-3FAX. Our mailing address is P.O Box 5626, Seattle, WA 98101.

Please make your selection now or hold to hear your options again.”


Option 1 Loan Officer Submenu

For Kevin Oneil, press 1      >transfer to cell, home or VPA service

For Lisa Jansen, press 2     >transfer to cell, home or VPA service

For Cisco Lascon, press 3  >transfer to cell, home or VPA service

Visual of the Virtual Receptionist Service

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